Black Honey, Cabbage and Freak – Kamio, 27/01/2017


My third night of gigging this week saw me heading off to Hoxton for Black Honey’s show at Phil Taggart’s Slacker club night.

Freak kicked off the night with their indie pop that set the mood for the evening. Making a reappearance was who I can only refer to as the ‘crazy mosh man’. This guy had been at Bassment the night previously, and his enthusiasm for Freak is unwavering. The passion with which he started a three person mosh pit is something I admire, and I hope to see him again soon.


Even after being introduced by Phil Taggart as the ‘best live band around at the moment’, I still wasn’t quite ready for the mayhem about to occur during Cabbage’s set. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band so in control of a gig before. People were going absolutely mental, screaming the words back at the band like they were the biggest thing on the planet.

I hadn’t really got into them after listening on Spotify pre-gig, but this is music that demands to be heard live. Uber Capitalist Death Trade and Terrorist Synthesiser saw people go insane, with lead singer Lee Broadbent dangling off the roof of Kamio at regular intervals. I’d hated Dinner Lady on record, but live? It was incredible. Don’t bother listening to their album first, go and watch this band in the flesh then you’ll come back to their songs with completely new ears (not literally, of course, that would be weird).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

After everyone was sufficiently worked up thanks to Cabbage, it was Black Honey’s turn to take to the stage. Opening with Madonna, the set took in a lot of new material along with all the singles the crowd had come to see. Izzy Bee Phillips’ beautifully edgy vocals are a joy, and it’s so nice to see some girl power at the front of an indie rock band. Early single Bloodlust received a warm response, as did All My Pride and set closer CorrineSpinning Wheel was the most anarchic moment of the night as the screams of the chorus filled the venue and people threw themselves across the room.

Slacker provided a great night full of incredible new music and I’m definitely planning on coming back. The party at Kamio continued until 2am, but unfortunately my last train was calling at midnight. You have my guarantee though: come my move to London in September I’ll be partying until the lights are turned off (or on, I suppose).


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