The Horne Section, Colchester Arts Centre – 22/11/2016


The Horne Section is a musical comedy act which centres on five musicians, plus main man Alex Horne. It revolves around making jokes out of both familiar tracks and new ones written by the members of the Horne Section.

Judging the act just on the name itself already gets these guys off to a good start. The Horne Section is an excellent pun on so many levels – the use of horns in the act, the fact Horne is Alex’s last name, AND the fact a horn section is an actual thing. I was impressed, and this was before they’d even come on stage.

You might have seen Alex Horne on his show Taskmaster, which he co-hosts with Greg Davis, or heard him on Radio 4 hosting his show The Horne Section. However, for me, it was seeing Horne on 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown that had attracted my attention to the act. I will admit that I actually hadn’t found it that funny after seeing him on this show. It was his goal, therefore, to change my mind at the Colchester Arts Centre.

So did I change my mind? Yes and no. Bits of the show really did make me laugh out loud – the creation of a ‘reverse conga’ which was then put into forwards motion at the end of the show was hilarious, as was the mass zumba session in which every member of the crowd was enlisted. Horne’s anecdotes about his life were also really funny, and I will admit that seeing a grown man with a Henry Hoover on his head was something quite special.

However, there were points of the show that I felt my attention start to waver. The seasons song was a funny idea, but perhaps went on for a bit too long. Some of the other songs and jokes did also seem to be a bit drawn out and I found myself checking the time to see how much longer there was to go.

The Horne Section is a little different to your usual comedy act which I was definitely impressed by. The fusion of music and comedy is something I really enjoy, and I would definitely be interested to see these guys again in the future to see how their act develops.


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