Jamie T, Brixton Academy – 16/11/2016


Seeing gigs get cancelled is a fairly regular thing – and understandably so – musicians are humans, they get ill, stuff happens. But you never expect it to actually happen to a gig you’re meant to be seeing. Sadly Jamie T was forced to postpone his show at Brixton Academy that was due to take place in October due to illness (or maybe just a really bad hangover from his previous two nights at the venue). Following his performance on Wednesday evening, I can confirm it was definitely worth the extra few weeks wait.

Kicking off the night with a trip to a (very busy) Brixton Spoons, followed by trips to TK Maxx, M&S (not sure why) and the David Bowie memorial, we made our way to Brixton Academy. Seeing the famous exterior with Jamie T written on it was really exciting as this day seemed quite unattainable when the October gig was cancelled.


As it was my first time visiting Brixton Academy, I was really amazed by its ingenious sloped floor. It meant that even a short person (i.e. me) could see from wherever I was standing in the venue. This is such a great idea and I have no idea why it hasn’t been replicated in any other venue I’ve been to.

Starting with latest single Power Over Men, Jamie got everyone hyped from the first note. As so many people there probably thought they might never get to see him after the initial gig was cancelled, the excitement in the room was palpable. Everyone was just there to have a great time dancing and jumping around with their mates – the amount of smiles on faces was something I don’t think I have ever seen matched at another gig.


Sheila was a definite highlight. Seeing thousands of people rap along to this classic Jamie T banger was an almost spiritual experience as people climbed up on shoulders and sung for Jack, Jay, Mickey, Dan, Lisa, Sam, Georgina, Stella and (of course) Sheila.

The first track from new album Trick, Tinfoil Boy, was also a great hit as people opened the biggest pits of the night and flung themselves across Brixton Academy as the track dropped. Finishing off the night with Zombie, I felt exhausted yet overcome with joy at finally being able to see Jamie T.


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