An Interview with Anna Pancaldi


Recently returned from a US tour, Essex born Anna Pancaldi describes herself as a “gutsy, melodic singer-songwriter”. Her new single Keep On Keeping On proves this instantly with its stripped back intro, allowing Pancaldi to show off those gutsy and melodic vocals. The song then spirals through waves of beautiful melodies and acoustic rhythmic guitar patterns.

Anna explained her inspiration behind the single. “It’s about growing up and revisiting homes you once lived in that look identical to how they were back then during childhood” she said, “but then the juxtaposition of returning and life resembling no likeness anymore at all. Strange really isn’t it!”

Explaining how she doesn’t stick to a regular process for writing a song, Anna says: “sometimes the lyric is first, sometimes the melody, sometimes both. It’s a magical one with no strategy and that’s part of it’s beauty.”

Making musical waves not only in the UK but also over in America, Anna has just returned from a US tour which saw her playing in New York, Nashville and LA. “The crowds, having never played there before, completely blew me away. I couldn’t believe how many people were there!” she said.

Comparing the experience of playing in the States to playing back at home, Anna explained that “for me, I haven’t noticed too much of a difference, just immense support and love for what I’m doing, which was not expected in a new place at all!”

I then sent a few quick fire questions to try and learn a bit more about Anna’s musical inspirations.

The best album of all time is…  Tapestry by Carol King, reminds me of childhood and the joy it brings.

The artists that have inspired my sound the most are… Jeff Buckley, Carol King, Judy Garland and Doris Day. More so for the tonal quality with Judy and Doris. And Jeff is just incredible with his lyrics, vocals, melodies and his presence. He makes you feel something that may artists can’t.

The thing that made me want to become a musician is… I never really questioned it, my dad’s a singer so it’s always been a part of my lineage. I can’t live without it, that’s why I’m a musician.

Anna Pancaldi’s new single, Keep On Keeping On, is out on 10th October, followed by a single launch at St Lenoards Church in London on 12th October. Tickets available here:

Find Anna on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and Spotify


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