Mystery Jets DJ Set, Bassment – 09/09/2016


An evening described as an ‘all out indie invasion on the dance floor’ sounds pretty much like it was created for me so it’s no surprise that I was found on Friday night at an event with exactly this description. Headlined by a DJ set provided by some members of the band Mystery Jets, the evening also featured performances by up and coming bands (which I will admit to missing as a result of pre drinks at ‘spoons).


As a newly qualified 18 year old this was my first proper night out to a place which actually required you to show ID. This experience is still entirely alien to me and although I do have a real, legitimate driving license proving that I am in fact of age, I still expected the bouncer to turn around and say that I wasn’t allowed in. Luckily this was not the case and I made my way into the venue via the photo booth (which is hard to resist after a cocktail).

Heading downstairs into the bar itself we sat down and acquainted ourselves with both our surroundings and those whom we would be sharing the evening with. One of the things that was so nice about the event was that it seemed to have attracted a lot of likeminded people displayed through the high volume of Reading festival wristbands and funky vintage shirts. Everyone clearly seemed up for an indie dance party.


Mystery Jets’ set begun around midnight, kicking off with classic bangers like Rebel Rebel and Song 2. The music was exactly what I hoped for, and I was particularly pleased by the decision to play Foals’ My Number twice (although if you weren’t pleased by this I would be genuinely concerned for your sanity).

Another enjoyable part of the night (at the time) was the presence of a photographer. There’s nothing more fun than feeling like you’re being papped when you’re slightly inebriated, but equally there is nothing less enjoyable than viewing these pics a few days later when they are uploaded to the internet. Below is a couple of the worst images achieved on Friday evening because clearly I am very un-photogenic while engaging in dance:14310312_1121693541248182_1458964750609549383_o.jpg


Despite the tragic nature of these images, I am still looking forward to my next indie invasion on the Bassment dance floor. It’s a really cool venue with a great atmosphere that I felt very at home in. Traditional night clubs have never really appealed to me so it’s nice to know there’s a place I can go when I fancy a dance.


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