Truck Festival, Hill Farm Oxfordshire – 15-17/07/2016


Three days of bands for less than £90 seemed like a complete no brainer to me so it was without question that I decided I would be going to Truck Festival in Oxfordshire. This was a decision I would come not to regret, despite a nightmare journey which involved trains (the only succesful element of the journey), finding a library to print out Beth’s forgotten ticket (shoutout to Didcot Parkway library), three busses (after being turned down by the first two) and a very long walk with heavy bags and a lot of alcohol. But once all was set up and the fun began, the struggle to arrive was worth it (p.s. I totally do not recommend using public transport to get to Truck Fest).


Friday’s fun kicked off with The Magic Gang who’s set was perfect for getting into the festival mood. Favourites like Jasmine and Alright had the whole crowd singing, dancing and gently moshing along to a band who are gaining so much love all over the country at the moment. Following their set I saw Moose Blood and Neck Deep, before finishing the evening seeing headliners Catfish and the Bottlemen. Coming on to tried and tested opener Homesick the boys set consisted of their old classics mixed in with the few most recognisable songs from most recent album, The Ride. I wish we’d got there a bit sooner and been nearer the stage as I think the atmosphere there would have been even better, but the set was still incredibly enjoyable from a little further back.


Saturday morning saw us take an emergency trip to Sainsbury’s once we released we definitely did not have enough food or drink to last us two more days. This also involved incredible scenes in the car park when we had to decant two glass bottles of brini into a plastic pink lemonade bottle in order to be allowed to take it back in to the festival. In hindsight although cheap this wasn’t the best drink we could have chosen – warm lambrini is almost definitely the worst thing I have ever tasted.


The worst clashes of the festival took place on Saturday, leaving us running between Main Stage and The Nest in order to catch Rat Boy, Sundara Karma, Spring King and Spector. Announced as the surprise act on the Nest stage just a few days before the festival, the atmosphere for Spector was absolutely incredible and definitely made them my favourite act of the weekend. Favourites like Chevy ThunderStay High and new single Tenner went down a treat, with people starting mosh pits almost as large as the tent.


Saturday night was when the fun really started, as I went out to explore what nightlife Truck had to offer. After experiencing some grime on the Market Stage, discounting the silent disco as a result of its huge queue and enjoying a fun band in the Saloon Bar, we discovered Truck’s greatest feature – the Barn Stage. This place smells of cow poo and it is covered in mud, but the vibe more than counteracts the challenging conditions. People were going insane to the dance tunes being played out by the DJs, with everyone doing their own individual routines that must have looked ridiculous to any sober or sane person in the room.


Had you told me on Saturday night that this Barn Stage would be even more fun on Sunday then I probably wouldn’t have believed you, but that is exactly the case. After again doing the rounds of all the other stages me and Zoë once again found ourselves in the smelly barn – but this time the dance music had gone to be replaced by a full on primary school disco party. Everything from Single Ladies to Total Eclipse of the Heart blared out into the room and it felt as if everyone there couldn’t believe their luck to have been invited to the best dance party on the planet. Not one person was having a bad time – and once you came into the stage it was impossible to leave until the music stopped at 2:30 in the morning.


Sunday’s music was also great, with highlights including Market Stage headliners Mystery Jets and INHEAVEN who played the Veterans & Virgins stage. The atmosphere for INHEAVEN was amazing – although there were only a few people in the tent everyone there knew what a great band these guys were and it was only a matter of time before people were jumping and moshing together. Check out the cool gal in her bucket hat in this video.


Truck was one of the best and most fun weekends I have ever had and I can’t wait to go back next year, if only to dance all night in a smelly barn.


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