A Younger Theatre: Forever Plaid, St James Studio – 08/04/2016


The St James theatre is by far one of the loveliest in London, so it was with great pleasure that I visited it a couple of weeks ago to review Forever Plaid for A Younger Theatre. Although the show wasn’t my favourite, it made for a fairly relaxing Friday evening (asides, that is, from the audience participation).

‘The basis of Forever Plaid is so absurdly simple yet incredibly strange that I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea was generated in a primary school classroom. It follows The Plaids, an all male harmony group who are back to give a performance to remember – back, that is, from the dead. Yes, the idea here is that the young group was hit by a bus before a concert they never had the chance to give, and have returned tonight in order to sing to their biggest crowd ever. All this was explained during the first few minutes by an absent voiceover and left me feeling rather dubious about the quality of events to come.’

Read the full review here.


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