Sundara Karma, Dingwalls – 10/03/2016

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After first discovering Sundara Karma supporting The Wombats at Alexandra Palace back in October, it was clear that they would definitely be a band I’d get along with (if only because of the lead singer’s beautiful hair). I’ve been a fan ever since and after changing my mind multiple times I finally decided to go and see them on their UK tour at Dingwalls.  It turns out that was the right decision, as Sundara’s gig was one of the best I’ve seen for ages.

Dingwalls is a fairly well known venue that I hadn’t been to before, but not one that I’d really want to visit again (and that’s not just because it meant I had to go to Camden aka one of my least favourite places on the planet). There wasn’t really a stage which meant for a short person like myself I couldn’t really see very well until I managed to push my way to the front, and there were also lots of random massive poles everywhere that seemed to be constantly in my way.

Support came from Pale Waves who we missed the majority of, and Beach Baby, who’s bassist looked strangely like Ed Miliband. Beach Baby were fine, although a lot of their songs sounded very similar, and the end of their set was basically just 10 minutes of them playing a pretty annoying tune over and over.

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Sundara Karma were due on at 9:45, and as we were meant to be leaving at 10:30 to catch the last train home I got a bit annoyed when they came on a whole 2 minutes late at 9:47. But as they started off with the new single A Young Understanding, any hesitations I had about the venue/support acts/lateness went away. The crowd was great (apart from the fact they were literally all wearing DMs which hurt a lot when you get kicked by them) and within the first few minutes everyone had gone mad.

When I’d seen the setlist online I was kind of disappointed by it – there were a couple of big songs left off and what seemed to be a lot of new material. As it turned out that setlist was wrong, and although they did play some new songs these were actually good fun. They’d also added in Indigo Puff which is definitely one of my favourites, and Waves which was probably my best moment of the night. I found myself in a pit and saw my friends across the other side. I jumped towards them and was then crushed by sweaty indies in the middle of the circle. Beautiful (although maybe not everyone’s idea of fun).

Being such a small venue it meant during Diamond Cutter I found myself pretty much in the front row, right next to the photographer. I saw this as an opportunity and got my phone out to take the exact same picture as him, which turned out to be probably the best photo I’ve ever taken at a gig. I’m genuinely so proud of it. Please appreciate it now:

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Finishing with Loveblood everyone went for it for one last time in probably the most fun (and borderline violent) moment of the night. As the song ended I found my friends, had a power nap on the floor for about 30 seconds before being told to get up and leave to make the last train home (shoutout to Beth for missing the encore to get stuff out the cloakroom). We arrived at Stratford at 11:24. We made the last train home at 11:25.



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