Lower Than Atlantis, The Roundhouse – 14/12/2015

Laziness and finding myself with a Christmas temp job has meant I have failed to review a concert I saw almost a month ago – Lower Than Atlantis’ biggest ever UK headline show at the Roundhouse in London. I was torn as to weather or not it was even worth writing it now but as I enjoyed myself so much it would seem unfair not to praise LTA for the great night I had last year (couldn’t resist saying that. Please forgive my horrible clichés).

Attending this concert came out of discovering the app DICE, which sells concert tickets without booking fees. I hadn’t really listened to Lower Than Atlantis until I saw their concert for sale on the app so I decided to give them a go – they were one of those bands I’d always heard of and felt pretty sure I’d like. Turns out I did like them (a lot) and was more than happy to pay a whole £16 to see them live. Ironically, the reason I wanted to go was because the gig was fairly cheap, but once I’d bought all their albums I’d probably spent about £30. Oops.

I then spent pretty much a whole month listening to nothing but Lower Than Atlantis. It was a problem. After becoming word perfect on all their songs in (world) record breaking time I decided it would be appropriate to listen to their support acts. I then discovered Moose Blood and my life was changed forever (this is not an exaggeration). Turns out I liked them even more than Lower Than Atlantis and proceeded to listen to nothing but Moose Blood until December 14th came around (I still struggle to go a day without hearing this).

Lower Than Atlantis’ first support acts were Black Foxxes, who were a bit shouty, and As It Is, who I will never listen to again, but mildly enjoyed for half an hour. Moose Blood were next and I got worried – sometimes with support acts it can be a bit disappointing if not everyone knows the band that you want to go mad for. My worries were put at ease when they started with Bukowski and immediately people got pretty into it, resulting in a ‘lets just push each other around and turn this whole place into a weird non-circular mosh pit’ kind of vibe. I loved it. They were, as far as I could tell in between trying not to be pushed over, brilliant live. I probably need to see them again just to double check.

It was then time for the main event and yet another level of manic crowd activity. Opening with new (ish) Get Over It, a giant circle opened up in front of us which I decided to throw myself into (something I normally regret when I remember I’m probably half the height/weight of most other people at a gig). Every song was a similar hive of moshy activity (I wonder if anyone’s ever written that sentence before), with my favourites being Criminal and Love Someone Else. A welcome break from the violence came during an acoustic version of Deadliest Catch and Another Sad Song.

The evening encountered a slight problem when my friend decided he would pick that day to get food poisoning (thanks again, Luke), but I carried on getting thrown around by gigantic angry emos (which I mean in the most affectionate way possible). Finishing with Here We Go, I left with many bruises but a sense of accomplishment at surviving my most violent gig yet and saving £2 in booking fees (though I don’t think that covers the £10 I lost when I realised my watch was missing from my wrist and the cost of buying all LTA’s albums). Oh well. I still had fun.


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