A Younger Theatre: No Villian, Old Red Lion Theatre – 17/12/2015


Last Thursday I had the pleasure of visiting the Old Red Lion theatre for the first time to see (perhaps fittingly) Arthur Miller’s first play, No Villian. Though I didn’t totally love No Villain, I would be interested to see another show at this theatre. The set and production was very impressive and I’m sure I would really love a different show here (despite being able to hear Islington high street next door and the seats being less than comfortable!).

‘Upstairs above an Islington pub is perhaps not the first place you’d think of when you wonder where the world premiere of Arthur Miller’s first play will be staged. But this is the exact scenario in which No Villain, the long undiscovered play by Miller, is being given its first showing.

Described by the writer as “the most autobiographical dramatic work I would ever write”, the plot follows the Simon family who await the return of their son Arnie from university. It deals with Marxism and its implications in 1930s America, across the backdrop of the impact of industrial action on the Simon family coat businesses.’

Read the full review here.


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