A Younger Theatre: Clarion, Arcola Theatre – 22/10/2015


Being given the script to a play before you go in is a rather unusual approach, but one that the Arcola had taken on Thursday evening as I arrived to watch Clarion. Much praised during its initial run in April this year, it has returned to grace the Arcola stage once again and remains just as hilarious as it was back then (well, I assume so as I didn’t actually see it then!). I did decide not to spoil it for myself by flicking through the script but did feel as if I had rather a lot of power to spoil it for everyone in the nearby vicinity.

‘Written by former journalist Mark Jagasia, the Arcola theatre’s production of Clarion received much critical acclaim during its first performances in April 2015. In returning to its stage this October it has proved itself yet again to be a relentlessly funny dark satire on the state of the British press. Focusing on the Daily Clarion, a far right nationalistic British tabloid paper with a dedicated immigration editor, the show stirs up important questions about the level of xenophobia in the press without feeling preachy.’

Read the full review here.


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