London Theatre Direct: First Impressions of Aladdin


In order get myself to feel slightly less annoyed about Miss Saigon closing in February, I tried to get excited for its replacement – Aladdin The Musical. It’s already off to a bad start as a result of having ‘the musical’ in its title (something that really bugs me for some reason… I don’t know why) but after doing some research maybe it won’t be too awful. But do we really need another Disney musical? Probably not, but if that’s what makes money then I’m sure we won’t be saying goodbye to big companies dominating the West End anytime soon!

‘I must admit to being slightly upset at the news Miss Saigon would be closing in February 2016 to make room for Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre. Miss Saigon is a show I have loved on all viewings and it was surprising to me that such a seemingly successful show would be closing after only a couple of years. But it’s always good to get some new musical talent on the West End so I’ve decided to find out a bit more about Aladdin to try and get myself excited!’

Read the full article here.


One thought on “London Theatre Direct: First Impressions of Aladdin

  1. Hi! The ticket prices are already out on the official Delfont Mackintosh sites. Cheapest tickets for the first few performances (starting opening night) are 27.25 pounds (I can’t type the pound symbol because I am using a US keyboard), and it goes up to 69.25 pounds. They will increase the price after July 2016, for some reason Disney and Mackintosh know best.

    I wrote about the Miss Saigon/Aladdin thing quite a while ago on my blog. It’s difficult for me because I love Lea Salonga, and both the original forms of the productions (original Drury Lane production of Saigon and 1992 animated film of Aladdin) featured Salonga. I naturally loved both a lot, but nostalgia took over and I am more excited about Aladdin than I am disappointed about the departure of Saigon.

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