The Wombats, Alexandra Palace – 01/10/2015


I think a sure sign of a good concert is when you are still aching from it days later and you can’t bring yourself to listen to any of the band’s songs for fear it will make you too sad you’re not still there. After seeing The Wombats at Alexandra Palace last Thursday, I can confirm that is exactly the situation in which I find myself now.

The first thing that really made this gig so special was that I was there with such a big group of friends which was not only very fun but quite practical once the moshing started as there was a higher percentage of chance that you’d actually find someone you knew. Not only was I with friends, but The Wombats’ crowd was one of the friendliest I’ve ever been in and I found myself talking to so many random people… shoutout to: pretentious guy with the terrible man bun; Jack who shook all our hands afterwards; the three girls who’d managed to change the 8 from 1998 to a 6 on their IDs and white polo shirt guy who sung with us on a number of occasions and was just a generally nice lad.

Support was from Sundara Karma and Prides. I was annoyed to have missed Prides at Reading once I realised they had giant bouncy balls being thrown round the tent and I had given Sundara Karma a listen on Spotify pre-gig and thought they sounded cool. It’s unusual that the support acts for a show are both brilliant but The Wombats had obviously chosen wisely. Sundara Karma looked great and their songs Flame and Loveblood were definitely my favourites (as they were the only two I’d remembered the words to from the previous week’s Spotify investigation). Prides were also good for getting the crowd warmed up with my favourite songs being Little Danger and Messiah. 

But it was when The Wombats came on that the crowd reached the next level of crazy excitement and madness. Opening with Give Me A Try, I enjoyed the first half of the set but it was after Techno Fan that the show reached another level. We finally found our way into the giant mosh pit for The English Summer, a song I hadn’t really liked much before but after seeing it live it’s become one of my favourites. The rest of the set was an insane blur of running into a giant circle of people whilst desperately trying to cling onto someone I knew!

Ending the bulk of the set with Tokyo – Vampires & Wolves, I was glad to have a slight break during the encore which began with Isabel. During this song someone decided to get the whole crowd to do that thing where you crouch down then stand up again which kind of failed as Isabel doesn’t really have a suitable drop in it, but everyone kind of jumped up and went ‘IIIIIISABELLLL’  which was hilarious. Rounding up with Greek Tragedy and Let’s Dance To Joy Division, I was completely drained, full of happiness and quite dehydrated.

We staggered out of the main hall to Alexandra Palace’s festival village where we drunk a lot of water and had a lie down on some fake grass before being kicked out by the security guards and heading home. Easily one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and the post concert depression is still set in – I’m glad it’s not too long before I see Fall Out Boy. They’ve got a lot to live up to!


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