Chris Ramsey, Civic Theatre – 29/09/2015


After a pretty stressful driving lesson and amidst all the personal statement writing drama happening at college the thing I needed the most on Tuesday night was definitely a laugh. And that need was completely fulfilled by Chris Ramsey, a Geordie comedian who’s been building a good reputation as a stand-up after appearances on pretty much every panel show under the sun, and also an endorsement from my parents who had seen him a year or so ago.

The aforementioned parents did recommend that I should probably not sit near the front and as the show began I did feel quite relieved that I was far back enough not to be picked on! Ramsey’s audience interaction is hilarious and the theme of this show – not growing up – provided a great premise for jokes. Particular sympathy was felt for Chris from Tiptree Jam who was met by a very disappointed reaction from the audience when they found out he was involved with logistics rather than actual jam production!

Support came from the equally funny Carl Hutchinson. One of the jokes he made was about hipster fashion and I began to feel slightly self conscious as he started to describe almost the exact outfit I was wearing, right down to wearing short socks with trainers so that it doesn’t look like you have socks on! I hope he didn’t see me on the way out as it was clear from his description he was certainly not a fan of the look…

Ramsey’s show definitely had more of a sense of production than a lot of comedians I’ve seen previously – videos and animations were shown on a large screen, there were smoke machines and (most excitingly) a large ‘C’ and ‘R’ made out of Lego. This not only looked great but got me thinking – could I deconstruct them? Or make a tower? The gags were all equally as well considered, with my particular favourite being Ramsey’s description of the time he convinced an irritating child named Lawrence to get his head stuck in some railings. I also learnt something new – apparently the game where you knock on someone’s door and run away isn’t called ‘knock down ginger’ everywhere – instead being referred to as the hideously uncreative ‘knock on door run’ and the absolutely brilliant ‘ding dong dash’ at different points in the UK. Please let me know of any others on Twitter or down below as it’s been quite the revelation!

An evening full of non-stop laughs, Chris Ramsey is certainly proving himself as one of the best comedians around at the moment.

Chris Ramsey’s tour continues until April 2016 and a DVD will be released in November. 


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