London Theatre Direct: Five Lessons We Can Learn From Matilda The Musical


Last Tuesday I had the great pleasure of revisiting Matilda – a show I hold in very high regard – it’s the perfect mix of keeping kids entertained whilst still being genuinely funny for adults and a really technically impressive show. The first time I saw Matilda it was my last day of secondary school (aka the happiest day of my life), so I always worried that my judgement of it was swayed by the extremely good mood I was in, but after revisiting on a completely average day I’m pleased to report it really is brilliant!

‘I returned to the Cambridge Theatre on Tuesday to revisit one of my favourite shows on the West End: Matilda The Musical. After seeing it last May I have been hooked on the cast recording and it totally lived up to the high expectations I had now got for it on the second viewing. Adding to the excitement was the fact that majority of the cast were having their first performance – all were excellent and had we not been told I’m sure people would have been none the wiser! I think Matilda can teach us a lot, so here’s the five things I learnt whilst at Crunchem Hall on Tuesday night!’

Read the full review here.


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