London Theatre Direct: Big Shows On A Student Budget


This one’s for all you students out there (and anyone else who isn’t prepared to pay an extortionate amount for a theatre ticket); my top tips for the best ways to get into London’s shows on a budget! If you have any more do let me know as getting discounts on things is one of my greatest passions… I am often found buying things I don’t need just because I can get 10% off.

‘As a student, it may seem as if all of London’s theatres are out of your reach – with top price tickets for some shows soaring over £200 it’s easy to believe there’s no way you’ll get to experience the best entertainment the capital has to offer. But this couldn’t be further from the truth – there are so many ways for students to get cheap theatre tickets for really high quality shows.’

Read the full article here and check out my reviews of some of the shows mentioned in the article; The VoteGreat Britain and The House Of Mirrors and Hearts.


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