Rewind! My theatre favourites of the year so far


I’ve only just written the title of this post, yet I’m already questioning weather or not I can actually bring myself to call it ‘Rewind!’ as it sounds so much like a feature on a children’s TV show. Hopefully that hasn’t put you off too much (I assume it hasn’t if you’re still reading) and instead you are still interested in hearing about my favourite plays/musicals/general theatrical events at this halfway point of 2015!

The first thing that comes to mind when I think back to my favourite shows of the last six months has to be the Menier Chocolate Factory’s production of Assassins. It’s the sign of a great show when you are still thinking about it hours after leaving the theatre and Assassins certainly did this and more; a creepy and surprisingly funny musical that boasted a perfect cast and was staged brilliantly. I really can’t imagine enjoying the show half as much anywhere other than the Menier Chocolate Factory – it was such an interesting venue that I can’t wait to visit again.

Possibly the most exciting show I have seen this year so far is The Vote. I’m still horribly smug about getting tickets to this one and will be forever grateful to my auntie for queueing in the rain to get them on the morning of the show! James Graham has secured his position as one of my favourite playwrights after seeing this show (I say that like I’m particularly knowledgeable about playwrights, trust me, I’m not) and being able to rewatch the show live the next day was a real general election treat.

Continuing the political theme, I couldn’t make a post about my favourite shows of the last six months without mentioning Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho. Easily one of the most fun nights out I’ve ever had, it follows the story of the Iron Lady as she gets lost in Soho before Section 28 is debated in Parliament. As I remember, my face actually hurt from laughing/smiling constantly for the 90 minutes of this show and I would so love to return to witness Matt Tedford’s sassy Maggie all over again. Oh and here’s a picture.

If you’d told me at the start of the year that a Shakespeare play would be making it into my favourite plays of 2015 then I probably wouldn’t have believed you, but Twelfth Night, performed at St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden, has done just that. I am by no means a Shakespeare expert, in fact this was the first time I’d actually ever seen a Shakespeare play, and to the amazement of myself and the other people I’ve told this story to: I actually really loved it. Staged so beautifully in the gardens of the Actor’s Church, it really transported you to a different world and was told in such an accessible way that even a Shakespearean pleb (such as myself) could follow it without any major effort.

There we have it – my favourite theatrical bits of 2015 so far. I’ve been lucky to see so many great productions this year – I could have easily mentioned more – but those are just the four that are my absolute bestest total favourites. Hopefully I will return in December with even more brilliant shows to rave about!


3 thoughts on “Rewind! My theatre favourites of the year so far

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Twelfth Night. When Shakespeare is done well in performance it can brush away all those boring English lessons in one fell swoop! Do you think you’re going to see more Shakespeare now? The Globe’s Measure for Measure at the moment I hear is very good, though I haven’t made it along there yet.

    1. I did really enjoy it, it was performed in a really engaging way by moving around the garden! I will definitely try and see some more now, you’re right about it being much better than boring English lessons! 🙂

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