The 69th Annual Tony Awards: The Ellie Awards

ellie awards
Yes, apparently I did actually go to the effort of making this logo. Please forgive me.

Last night’s Tony awards definitely had their fair share of deserving winners and incredible performances! Living in England means I can’t really watch them live – I managed to make it to 11:30 watching Laura Osnes and Sierra Boggess on the red carpet before I decided it was probably time to sleep, but I was up as soon as my alarm went off this morning ready to watch all the speeches and performances. I decided to issue some of my own ‘Ellie Awards’ (soon to be just as prestigious as the Tony Awards) to my favourite moments of last nights ceremony.

Best Tearful Speech – Annaleigh Ashford (Featured Actress in a Play)

I thought this was so sweet and I think I would also give the award for ‘most practical dress’ to Annaleigh as well – pockets! Genius!

Most Overlooked Show – Finding Neverland

I honestly don’t know why this show didn’t receive any nominations, from what I’ve seen it looks brilliant (once you get past the weird pirate accent at the beginning). It might not be the most inventive show, but it does what it does really well and I hope it continues to run despite the lack of nominations.

Best Surprise Host Appearance – Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming during Something Rotten

I genuinely had to rewind this because I didn’t even notice them running into the performance until they appeared at the end, which consequently made me feel a bit silly. I was actually kind of disappointed by the Something Rotten performance, I felt like they’d rushed the song to be short enough to perform and this kind of detracted from some of the comedy. Still a solid performance though!

Most People To Collect A Single Award – Fun Home (Best Musical)

I mean, a few people get up and then everyone else just goes for it. If I’d been in the audience I would have definitely just got up and gone with them as I doubt anyone would have noticed. The poor people had hardly started their speeches before they were playing the music to get them all off.

Best High School Musical Reunion – Ashley Tisdale introducing Vanessa Hudgens (Gigi)

My inner 9 year old let out a little squeal once I realised it was Ashley Tisdale introducing Gigi. Her best friend Vanessa Hudgens! They’re still friends! OMG!

Funniest Overrunning Speech – Ruthie Ann Miles (Featured Actress in a Musical)

Ruthie starts by saying she’s going to make it less than 45 seconds (well, after she tells us all to recycle), and ends up talking waaaaaay beyond the time limit after having to explain a joke and being interrupted by the tap dancing music (which she seems quite confused about).

Best Performance of a Terrible Song – Lisa Howard (It Shoulda Been You)

Well, that’s a backhanded compliment if ever I saw one. It Shoulda Been You for me is one of the more disappointing shows of the season, it’s got a brilliant cast but the material (well, that I’ve seen) just doesn’t seem to be doing them justice. Lisa Howard sings this cringe-fest of a song well, but I just can’t bear to hear her say ‘somethin somethin’ ever again.

Most Deserved Tony Winner – Kelli O’Hara (Leading Actress in a Musical)

Five-time Tony nominee Kelli O’Hara finally had her night last night, a well deserved win for her performance in The King and I. Earning a standing ovation and performing an excellent victory dance secures Kelli’s position in the Tony Awards hall of fame. And this was the obligatory Neil Patrick Harris moment!

What were your favourite moments of last night’s Tonys? Let me know below or on Twitter, @itsellielook!


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