The Olivier Awards Covent Garden Piazza

Sunday was a brilliant day by all accounts – great pizza and crepes provided by the wonderful Pizza Pilgrims and Creme de la Crepe, another quality cup of tea at the Theatre Cafe and finally the brilliant performances in Covent Garden to celebrate the Olivier Awards! I did a surprisingly small amount of shopping as well; usually a day in London involves a bit of a splurge, often in Brandy Melville as I can’t resist their super soft fabric basic tees (it’s the little things in life) but I actually only visited Topshop as I’ve had my eye on some make up bits in there for a while. Maybe down to the fact the day before I’d just spent all my wages on my Reading festival ticket? Luckily the evening’s entertainment was totally free meaning I could fully enjoy myself without those ‘did I really need another black and white stripy top’ vibes.

pizzaKicking off the day with a visit to Carnaby and a spot of lunch at the incomparably marvellous Pizza Pilgrims restaurant in Kingly Court. I felt obliged to photograph the beauty of this pizza as it was really brilliant; I like to think of myself as somewhat of a pizza connoisseur – if you’re interested, the best ‘shop bought’ pizza is the M&S one that’s shaped like a massive square, the best chain of pizza restaurants is Pizza Express, and the new best pizza ever is definitely from Pizza Pilgrims. I even enjoyed the crust as it was really doughy and I am totes (yes, I just said totes) not a fan of crunchy crusts. Oh, and I also saw a poster for The Last Five Years! I definitely did not gasp really loudly then run over to take a picture. Nope. Definitely not.

theatre cafe

Pizza over (I promise this post will be more theatrical soon), it was time to head to the (far more stagey) Olivier pop up shop! This was kind of interesting but not particularly exciting – it felt a bit empty, perhaps since it was designed more for talks and events during the build up to the awards than for an afternoon’s entertainment, but I did enjoy seeing the costumes from all the audience award nominated shows.  Then, I returned to my homeland a.k.a. The Theatre Cafe which was as wonderful as ever and I managed to claim a free Made In Dagenham poster (free things are always guaranteed to be the highlight of my day!).


Theatrical tea done, I headed back to Covent Garden (a rather illogical route around the West End) for the evening’s entertainment. The stage was hosted by Alison Hammond and Michael Xavier who were both hilarious – though the fact I didn’t win their goody bag contest for the best ‘I’ve just won an Olivier face’ was a travesty. Despite this glaring error in judgement, I still managed to enjoy the evening’s amazing performances! My highlights include Avenue Q doing Schadenfreude largely uncensored with many small children around (hilarious) and the Matildas doing Naughty! After the interval during the awards ceremony the Jersey Boys came on to do a medley of songs which I did really enjoy (despite not being a big fan of the show!) and then Eamonn and Ruth (off of breakfast telly) came on to present the Audience Choice award. It unsurprisingly went to Wicked and Emma Hatton then came back to perform The Wizard and I which involved a lot of singing along (well, by me at least).

All in all a great fun and free day out – I’m now even more excited for West End Live in June and I’m looking forward to returning to the Piazza next year!


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