All Time Low, Wembley Arena – 20/03/2015


It seems ridiculous that I’ve waited pretty much five years to see this band since I’ve loved them ever since I was about 11, but thank god it finally happened as this was probably the best concert I’ve ever seen. Everything was perfect: the atmosphere, the people and most importantly, the band. Anyone who’s seen All Time Low will tell you that they’re one of the best live bands around and I can definitely confirm that after Friday night!

Support came from Real Friends and Neck Deep, two bands I would never have listened to if it weren’t for this concert (they’re a bit heavier than what I’m normally into) but they were both incredible for getting the crowd going. Mosh pits were already starting and the atmosphere built for what already seemed to be a perfect night. Then came the most painful 45 minutes ever… someone had seemingly decided that it would be a great idea to get all the support to start half an hour early, meaning that we missed the start of Real Friends’ set and then it caused a huge gap between Neck Deep and All Time Low in which some awful songs were played (Avicci, Bastille) and some alright songs were played (Arctic Monkeys).

But finally ATL took to the stage with A Love Like War and from that moment on things just got better and better. I was pretty much ruined after the third song in which was Six Feet Under The Stars as it’s one of my favourite songs ever and there was no way I was not going to be screaming/jumping/accidentally hitting people in the face throughout. There was a beautiful moment where Alex came out onto a smaller stage in the crowd to sing Therapy and Remembering Sunday and the audience thinned out, giving me space to do exaggerated spins and generally express my inner dance goddess. Shoutout to the absolute angel with the red hair who kindly donated the end of her water to our poor dehydrated little gang, allowing us all to have a small drop of much needed H2O to power through the next hour of dancing/jumping/hitting!

I surprisingly really enjoyed some of the songs from Dirty Work – its by far my least favourite ATL album but singing Forget About It with a twelve thousand strong crowd was so much fun especially during the little talky bit (is that the best description? Probably not). Hearing the new songs Kids In The Dark and Something’s Gotta Give live was also great and obviously the onstage banter between the guys is hilarious and really added to the whole experience. It was also really special to hear them sing Jasey Rae, an old ATL classic that everyone seemed to love (I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loud at the announcement of a song title). Ending with Dear Maria really rounded up one of the most perfect nights ever and I will say with 100% confidence this is no way going to be the last time I see this band.



2 thoughts on “All Time Low, Wembley Arena – 20/03/2015

  1. sounds perfect!
    i wish i could see them live but they’d never come to where i live. but i’ve made plans of moving somewhere like the UK as soon as im done with college!

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