The Theatre Cafe, Shaftesbury Avenue

IMG_2504Located on Shaftesbury Avenue, London’s new Theatre Cafe is essentially stagey heaven. Showtunes play constantly, there are pieces of theatre memorabilia on the walls and you get your drinks served in a musical-themed cup. In the words of Chandler Bing (sort of), could it BE any more perfect? I was lucky enough to finally discover the wonder of the cafe when I visited on Tuesday with my friend Lauren and I think we have both found our new theatrical home.


Entering the cafe your attention is immediately drawn to the beautiful tables. Filled with theatre flyers and programmes it’s impossible not to be distracted by trying to find your favourite show. I made an utter fool of myself trying to actually sit down at the tables – being quite short and trying to get into a relatively high bench is definitely not an easy task! Drinks get served in theatrical cups and I am determined to go back to try and get a Wicked one since I want to keep it as a souvenir (how sad). I also loved the free wifi, always appreciated and especially when the password is ‘Stagey24601’!

IMG_2521Possibly my favourite thing about the whole cafe experience is the constant soundtracks playing in the background. I felt as if this was possibly the only public place where I could belt out a flawless cover of Moving Too Fast and not get judged (at least no one told me to stop). Though I wish there was maybe an app on their iPads where you could request your song to come up next – there was an Into The Woods themed display on the wall next to where we were sitting and I was definitely feeling up for attempting to sing along to the full 14 minutes of the Prologue. On second thoughts, maybe that’s a good reason not to introduce a way to request your song…

The Theatre Cafe is now open on Shaftesbury Avenue, opposite the Queen’s Theatre. 


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