Scars On 45 – Crazy For You


Crazy For You is the next release from British alt-pop/rock band Scars On 45. Hailing from Bradford, the band have already achieved success after their debut album landed at no.4 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. This single is from their follow-up album, Safety In Numbers and is set to be released on 2nd March.

It’s a sweet song, it has a decent and memorable chorus featuring the lyric I’m secretly crazy for you which is equal parts cringey and adorable. I also liked the contrast between the male vocalist in the verses and the female vocalist in the chorus; it added some interest and variety into an otherwise pretty samey track. The lyrics and structure are pretty basic meaning that it seemed a bit repetitive after a while and had it been about 40 seconds shorter I may have enjoyed it a bit more rather than feeling more like ‘is it nearly finished yet?’. Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable song that I’d be happy to hear on the radio – but I probably won’t be buying their album!

Crazy For You is out 2nd March.



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