The Best Website Ever?


If you’ve ever booked tickets to the theatre, you’ll definitely be aware of the endless struggle that is picking your seat. How restricted is the restricted view? Is it worth paying the extra £20 to sit nearer the stage? Is the view better in the stalls or the circle? Well, I’m pleased to say that is here to solve all your problems. It’s a great idea which allows users to review seats in all of London’s theatres, rating their comfort, view and legroom. Seat reviewers can also add a more detailed comment on what they thought about their seat, how far away it was or if it impacted their enjoyment of the show.

But I think the best feature of this website is the fact it encourages users to upload pictures from their seat. There have been numerous occasions where I’ve tried Googleing (if that’s even a real word?) things along the lines of Cambridge Theatre stalls seat J9 view in the hopes that there will be a picture giving me some idea of what view I’m paying for. Up until I discovered this website I’d had very little success with this scheme but now I’m so pleased to see someone is solving the problem.

This is starting to seem like an advert for this website but I promise I’m not being paid to say any of this! I just love the idea, but there’s a lot of missing seat information and that’s basically my (rather selfish) motivation for writing this post. The more people that review seats, the more information I have when I’m next booking tickets so that I can make sure I can book tickets for whatever show I’m seeing in the best place possible! So if you’re reading this and still have your ticket from a show you’ve been to see, go and fill in the information on Seat Plan… There’s even a £10 theatre voucher up for grabs once you get 50 awards. I’m sure this will be of use to so many people so I want to pass on my discovery of what I hope will be an ever-expanding database of theatrical brilliance!


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