The Last Five Years Soundtrack


I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for anything before. Even my birthday or Christmas can’t hold a candle to the excitement I’ve been feeling for the release of The Last Five Years movie soundtrack. I heard about the film about a year ago without any real knowledge of the show, but with lots of love for the two leads; Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. From that moment on I gradually became more and more obsessed with the original cast recording, watching that video of Jeremy Jordan singing Moving Too Fast and refreshing the film’s twitter feed for any clues about a trailer or a release date. When the the trailer for the film was finally released in December my excitement reached almost concerning levels as I began to genuinely squeal with excitement whilst watching Jordan and Kendrick get all sassy singing my favourite songs.

So you’ll imagine my reaction when today I got an email saying that the soundtrack was available. Immediate mad scramble to open Spotify and let the wondrous tunes fill my ears with happiness and wonder. It’s quite different to the original recording in terms of the orchestration. Some songs are similar, but thinks like Moving Too Fast which seemed to be more piano-orientated on the original recording are far more orchestrated now. I’m not sure I’m too keen, I love the rawness of the original, but I do understand that now it’s a film they’ve amped up the production value a bit. By no means am I disappointed though; different is not necessarily bad but it takes a bit of getting used to when you’ve been so used to one cast recording! Jeremy and Anna are flawless though, whoever was in charge of the casting has got it absolutely spot on. Their voices really seem to fit the characters of Jamie and Cathy perfectly and I really can’t wait to see if the film lives up to my (perhaps unrealistic) high expectations.

Standout songs? I love Jeremy’s version of If I Didn’t Believe In You, it’s not a song I’d paid much attention to on the original recording but the passion he sings with on this soundtrack is moving and incredible. Anna’s Climbing Uphill is great, again sung with so much passion and talent. I love her I Can Do Better Than That as well which has always been one of my favourite songs on the original soundtrack and doesn’t disappoint on this new movie recording.

I guess all there’s left do now is to wait for the film to be released in the UK! I’d been building up to a lonely Valentine’s Day trip to the cinema but from what I’ve gathered on IMDB we’re not getting it in the UK then. Well, I’ve waited a year… A few months more probably won’t hurt.


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