Miles Graham – I Can’t Love You Again


Irish singer-songwriter Miles Graham seems set to make an impact in 2015. His unique tone and songwriting talent coupled with the huge support from BBC Radio 2 regulars Graham Norton and Ken Bruce make it almost impossible for him not to be a hit. I Can’t Love You Again is his debut single and is set to be released via Westwave Recordings at the start of February.

The track is really nice, the chorus almost has a bit of an R&B vibe to it which made sure it was a bit more interesting than just another typical singer-songwriter. Miles has a lovely unique voice which was interesting to listen to and his lyrics really do seem to tell a story. Another highlight was the drop out section towards the end where you could just hear his vocals and some acoustic guitar. I doubt I’ll really listen to it again (it’s not really my style of music!) but for a debut single it shows promise and I’ll definitely be interested to hear what he does next.

I Can’t Love You Again is out 9th February.



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