Alexander – Drive


Drive is the latest release from Alexander, an exciting new alternative-pop band who are set to take 2015 by storm after the success of their debut LP Say Hello. Taking inspiration from the late 90’s, the band will release their new single on February 9th ahead of their 2015 headline UK tour.

The track had a bit of a futuristic vibe, I liked the use of synths; it really made it more unique than a lot of other Alternative-Indie bands. It’s got a really fresh and summery vibe – it almost tricked me into thinking we were in July – a bit depressing considering right now I’m under about 50 blankets and next to the radiator! The chorus was great, I liked the I’m driving this way/I wish I could stay lyric and the way it was varied throughout the track, especially with the use of a female vocalist towards the end. A great new discovery, I have already liked the Facebook page and I’m looking forward to hearing more!

Drive is out 9th February. 



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