January Playlist

It’s that time of the month again! January’s playlist is here and I must say, it’s definitely in my top two monthly playlists of all time.

  1. Empire – Kasabian
  2. Ten Tonne Skeleton – Royal Blood
  3. Rabbit Hole – Jamie T
  4. Left Hand Free – alt-J
  5. Are You What You Want To Be? – Foster The People
  6. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
  7. Pretender – Katherine McPhee
  8. Blame It On Me – George Ezra
  9. Stay Aboard – James McLaren
  10. No One Is Alone – Anna Kendrick, James Corden, Lilla Crawford & Daniel Huttlestone

First up is Empire; a true Kasabian classic which seems to be constantly on repeat this month. Following Kasabian are Royal Blood and Jamie T – two artists who I haven’t paid nearly enough attention until recently. I am so obsessed with Carry On The Grudge, Jamie T’s newest album which I am proud to be almost word perfect on after listening to nearly nothing else after getting it for Christmas! I’m also really enjoying alt-J and Foster The People’s most recent offerings; both have been trusty companions whilst I attempt to begin my revision for my ever-nearing AS exams. Is it really any surprise Uptown Funk makes an appearance in this playlist? I don’t think you could really talk about January without mentioning it, it’s been on the radio non-stop and I love it! Pretender is up next – I couldn’t resist the Smash vibes this month after they announced that Bombshell was being turned into a one night only stage show (eeeek! Why don’t I live nearer to New York?). George Ezra is next with Blame It On Me and following him is James McLaren and Stay Aboard; a great song which you can read my review of here. Finishing the playlist this month are the incredibly talented cast of the Into The Woods film which I absolutely loved and this song is definitely one of my favourites!


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