Marilyn Manson – Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge

As far as things go, the latest single from Marilyn Manson was definitely an interesting one to review. Obviously I’d heard of him before and I knew what he looked like, but other than that I really had no idea of his musical style or any of his songs – so when this appeared in my inbox to review I was definitely intrigued!

I’m a big fan of the grungy guitar feel and all the instrumental backing – unfortunately the only thing I wasn’t too sure on was the vocals! I can really understand why people would enjoy his style, it’s quite distinctive and if I was in the right mood I think I could definitely relate to his moody tones – but for an everyday listen I don’t see myself choosing to listen to this. I thought the song could have done with a bit more interest, I didn’t really feel like it went anywhere and it kind of remained on the same level throughout apart from a section towards the end where there’s a bit of a drop out and you can hear some clapping which I did quite enjoy.

A good track if you’re into his music, but I don’t think I’m going to be the next Marilyn Mason mega fan!

Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge is out 19th January.



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