Bombay Bicycle Club, Earls Court – 13/12/2014


Being able to see the last concert at an iconic venue is not something you get to do often, so having the chance to see Bombay Bicycle Club perform at Earls Court on its final night was definitely something I won’t forget in a hurry. The atmosphere was incredible – everyone seemed to know they were about to witness something special. Support came from Sivu, who performed well, but I wasn’t too sure if their music was really good for getting a crowd worked up before a concert. Peace, on the other hand, were great and I definitely got more excited listening to them before the main act. I’m still completely obsessed with their song Gen Strange (which was featured in my December Playlist), and luckily it was just as good live as it is on the album!

After the two support bands it was time for Bombay Bicycle Club to come on stage – and they did not disappoint! Opening with Overdone they instantly got everyone having an amazing time and they had clearly put a lot of thought into their staging as the lighting and projected images at the back of the stage were really well done. Their set focused mainly on their two most recent albums which was really good for me as I wasn’t too familiar with their earlier work, but even the songs I didn’t know so well were brilliant. My highlights of the set were ShuffleHome By Now, Luna and Carry Me (which made an amazing encore!). It was also really cool to get to see David Gilmour on stage with the band to perform Wish You Were Here – a Pink Floyd classic!

Special mention also has to go to their use of confetti, for some reason I get very excited about collecting little bits of sparkly tissue paper (very sad, I know). Unfortunately we didn’t get to keep our tickets – they were taken off us as we entered the venue which really annoyed me because I like collecting them! Another thing that could have improved the experience would be the enforcement of height restrictions on audience members… I couldn’t really see the stage at all – it seemed all Bombay’s fans were about 6ft and despite my attempts at jumping to see over them I did not really succeed! Obviously this didn’t really ruin the experience too much –  I still had a great time and would definitely see the band again – but maybe I’d try and get there before all the tall people!



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