Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Wandermix


Wandermix is a new release from Sophie Ellis Bextor featuring remixes of five songs from her album Wanderlust. This was definitely an interesting listen – it’s a bit different to what initially came to mind when I thought of Sophie Ellis Bextor (I used to love Murder On the Dancefloor!). I did enjoy a couple of songs on this remix album, but overall I didn’t feel too excited about it.

Kicking off the album was The Deer & The Wolf. The guitar and piano intro on this was great and I thought the ‘under the surface’ hook was really catchy. I also liked how a guest vocalist was included to keep the song interesting.

Next up was Cry To The Beat Of The Band – my favourite track on the album! Sophie’s vocal was great in this and I also thought the lyrics were really catchy, especially the chanting towards the end. The syncopated guitar rhythm was cool and gave the song added interest.

After this was Wrong Side Of The Sun and Runaway Daydreamer, and unfortunately I wasn’t so keen on these two tracks. I found them a bit repetitive and didn’t like how there was less focus on the vocals in Wrong Side Of The Sun or the synth drumbeat in Runaway Daydreamer.

Luckily the album ended on more of a high, I definitely enjoyed Young Blood a lot more than the previous two tracks. It had a nice clearly defined chorus with a great vocal and lyrics and it was a nice easy listen to end the album.

Overall I really enjoyed Cry To The Beat Of The Band and will definitely be listening to that track again, but I was disappointed by Wrong Side Of The Sun and Runaway Daydreamer. I think this would be worth a listen for big remix fans, but I can’t see myself really wanting to hear to it again.

Wandermix is out now.



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