Band Aid 30 – Do They Know It’s Christmas?


Well, it seems Sir Bob has done it again. A gathering of the most popular voices of the moment to sing arguably the most iconic Christmas song of all time, all to raise money to fight Ebola. As if it wasn’t enough that this was to raise money for an important cause, it’s also a great song. I think it’s so important for charity singles to actually be amazing songs because it means people will really want to support and listen to it rather than feeling obligated to because it’s for charity. I mean, the recent Children In Need choir single was fine but will people really be recreating it in 30 years? Probably not.

It’s also brilliant how Geldof has brought the fight against Ebola to the next level. There have been fundraisers, yes. But nothing on this scale. Seeing the Ebola victim before the video on the X Factor was shocking but I’m very glad they decided to show it to illustrate how serious and evil this disease is.

Oh, and I can’t resist picking my favourite vocalists… I have to put Guy Garvey at the top of my list, his voice is just outstanding and I don’t think that anyone can really compete. Bono has also redeemed himself after the iTunes incident with his newly worded line. I also loved Chris Martin and Ed Sheeran’s contributions. And everyone else… Even One Direction!

Do They Know It’s Christmas? is out now.


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