The Scheme – Sick Of You


Oh yay! Another boy band. The Scheme are the next in the seemingly never ending line of attractive boys who can sing a note or two and think they’re going to be the next One Direction. These guys have achieved success on YouTube and have already attracted a dedicated army of fans – perhaps I should be more afraid about writing this less than favourable review of their latest release!

I’m more than happy to admit I enjoy the occasional bit of cheesy boy band pop but unfortunately I don’t see Sick Of You becoming another guilty pleasure of mine. This song wasn’t particularly memorable, it seemed really formulaic and I wasn’t really keen on the cheesy synth strings or the average lyrics – their attempt at a catchy sing along chorus wasn’t great. There are so many bands like this trying to emulate the success of One Direction and unfortunately these guys don’t seem to be doing it anywhere near as well as some of the other boy bands around at the moment.

Sick Of You is out 17th November. 



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