James McLaren – Stay Aboard

James McLaren

Stay Aboard is the first EP to be released by talented new singer-songwriter James McLaren. This is the title track from the album which also features two other songs – Don’t Know Love and For A DayStay Aboard has a great chilled vibe making it a relaxing, easy listen. This will be a perfect tune to put on when I’m working and is already on my revision playlist!

McLaren creates wonderful harmonies which have an immersive effect on the listener – this track sounds brilliant through headphones, it has perfectly created layers that are lovely to listen to up close and in detail. His tone of voice is also great, it’s easy to listen to but this doesn’t mean sacrificing the emotion of the lyrics through a boring, monotone delivery.

Being a big fan of acoustic music this was right up my street. If you’re a fan of Nick Mulvey or First Aid Kit, I have no doubt you will also become a big James McLaren fan!

Stay Aboard is out 3rd November.



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