HAIM at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 06/07/2013

The buzz surrounding HAIM right now is incredible. You could hardly tune into Glastonbury without seeing these girls doing something, whether that was a stripped back version of ‘Go Slow’ or them joining Primal Scream on the Pyramid Stage for ‘Rocks’. Everyone seems to be loving them so I was obviously very excited to catch them supporting Mumford and Sons at the Olympic Park and get a taste of the action myself.

First thing I’ll say is – these girls sure do know how to start a set. Running onto the stage, they grabbed their guitars and slammed down a power chord (which caused one or two people in front of me to jump – hilarious for me, maybe not so much for them). This made a nice contrast as they entered into the brilliant ‘Better Off’. This song was a great way to start, the a cappella harmonies really captured the crowds attention from the start.

‘Falling’ – definitely another highlight of the set. Everyone’s heard this single, it was all over the radio not so long ago, so clearly it was going to be a crowd favourite. I also loved the way they rounded off their time onstage with some awesome drumming. These sisters are clearly very talented and I can’t wait for their debut album coming later this month.

Days Are Gone is out September 30th.


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