The Fratellis – Seven Nights Seven Days

After a three-year hiatus, The Fratellis are back. The first single from their upcoming third album We Need Medicine, Seven Nights Seven Days has been released for free on their website. From the first bar you can tell this is a Fratellis tune – upbeat chords and instantly catchy lyrics that you can almost hear the crowds chanting at a gig.

This song really is brilliant, it’s a classic Fratellis song that fans won’t be disappointed by. It could be argued that maybe it’s not that different to anything else that’s come before it, but never-the-less I’m sure it’ll be an instant hit.

The chorus is definitely the stand out moment of this song, with the lyric Show me the way brother/Give me a sign sister being the one that definitely sticks in your head the most, besides the obvious Seven nights/Seven days/Seven wishes that will bury this place. It’s a simple song which never goes a miss – you don’t want to forget the song straight after you’ve heard it, and there is no danger of this with Seven Nights Seven Days.

Another thing to point out is that it’s free! Things always sound better when they’re free, right? You can get it from by signing up to their mailing list.



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